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Behind the GS mark is the certification introduced in 1977 to ensure that a user and third parties are protected from harm to life and limb when the product is used as intended and in a foreseeable manner (in the non-harmonised area, i.e. without a European specification) and by complying with the European specifications (in the harmonised area). Currently, the GS mark is still the only regulated test mark in Europe for product safety.

According to § 20 ProdSG applies: A ready to use product may bear the GS mark if the mark has been awarded by a GS body at the request of the manufacturer or his authorised representative.

This does not apply if the product ready for use with the CE marking and the requirements for this CE marking are at least equivalent to those according to § 21 (1).

Other test marks such as "ENEC", "VDE", "ÖVE", "TÜV geprüft" are test marks of private testing or certification bodies or agreements between testing houses.

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GS marking