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On Project is a purposeful, one-off undertaking consisting of a set of coordinated, directed activities with a start and end date and carried out to achieve a specific outcome, taking into account constraints of time, resources (for example, money or costsproduction and working conditions, personnel) and quality to achieve a goal.

Project is derived from Latin proiectum, neuter to proiectus 'thrown forward', past participle of proicere 'to throw forward'. In projects, 'forward' is understood to have a temporal dimension (see also scheduling). The German word comes into use in the later 17th century meaning 'building project'.

Project teams are often formed to carry out projects and are responsible for steering tasks. Many project management teachings recommend that the goals or objectives of a project be formulated in advance according to the SMART rules ("SMART" = Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic, Scheduled). For research projects, however, this only applies to a limited extent.

The project goal determines the strategic approach, this determines the necessary processes/activities and the helpful basic structure, which determine the handling of resources.

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