Project Group Governmental and Administrative Reform

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The project group government and administrative reform (PRVR) was a project group set up by the Kiesinger cabinet in the Federal Republic of Germany in 1968, which was active until 1975.
After the 1969 Bundestag elections, Horst Ehmke, as Federal Minister for Special Tasks and Head of the Federal Chancellery, was given responsibility for the project group. Reimut Jochimsen became head of the planning department.

The project group included civil servants as well as external scientists such as Renate Mayntz, Fritz W. Scharpf, Frieder Naschold, Carl Böhret and Hans-Ulrich Derlien. Other members were Eberhard Schnelle and Eberhard Bohne. The aim of the project group was, among other things, to develop proposals for a reorganisation of the federal government including a reorganisation of the business areas of the federal ministries. Improved management instruments for the Federal Chancellor as well as the Federal Ministers were to be identified and the Federal Ministries were to be reorganised.

The establishment of the project group is to be seen in the context of the attempt at so-called "active politics". Through its work, the project group contributed significantly to the establishment of empirical administrative science and policy field analysis (policy research) as independent scientific fields. Nevertheless, most of the project group's proposals were not realised.

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Project Group Governmental and Administrative Reform