usage costs

Use costs are all regularly or irregularly recurring costs from the beginning of the usability of building constructions and their plots to their removal.

The total costs consist of the cost of use capital costs (e.g. interest on borrowed capital, equity costs), administrative costs (e.g. costs of supervision, external and own services, value of the administrative work performed by the landlord, personnel and material costs), Operating costs (e.g. cleaning and care, inspection and maintenance, taxes and contributions) and repair costs (e.g. the technical systems, the external systems, the equipment).

Knowledge of usage costs is of great importance for investment decisions because all the consequences and repercussions on the resulting investment have been dealt with in good time.

Usage cost determinations serve as the basis, in particular, for planning, awarding and execution decisions, for proving usage costs incurred and for creating cost indicators (benchmarking).

DIN 18960 (usage costs in building construction) applies to the determination of usage costs.

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