Abbreviation for "Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau" The "VDMA standard sheets" provide information for the correct maintenance and repair of technical equipment. Here one often speaks of "maintenance according to VDMA".
The new edition of VDMA 24176 "Inspection of technical equipment and facilities in buildings" describes the essential features of the inspection of technical equipment and equipment in buildings as a predominantly engineering performance. The task of the inspection is the determination and evaluation of the actual condition. Its goal is to collect and evaluate data on the current state of the building services and equipment. The assessment concludes with recommendations on what action should be taken to change and optimize. The determined characteristic values provide information on the extent to which a modified mode of operation changes the system behavior. The standard sheet is aimed in particular at operators of technical systems and equipment in buildings as well as specialized companies in maintenance and plant construction. The revision and new edition of VDMA 24186-0 "Service program for the maintenance of technical systems and equipment in buildings - Part 0: Overview and structure, numbering system, general application notes" was based on the newly published in June 2003 DIN 31051 "Principles of maintenance" and with the aim of better differentiation between maintenance and inspection. VDMA 24186-0 contains basic information on the design and application of the 9-part series of standardized blades with detailed performance programs for the maintenance of equipment and installations for technical building equipment (TGA).

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