BIM catalog included: IMSWARE for the 5th time GEFMA 444 certified

BIM catalog included: iTWO fm for the 5th time GEFMA 444 certified

IMSWARE is certified for the fifth time in all criteria catalogs of GEFMA 444. This includes the recently introduced catalog A15 "BIM-Datenverarbeitung". This makes IMSWARE one of the first CAFM solutions that meets all the requirements of the new BIM catalog.

The recertification of IMSWARE took place on June 25th by Prof. Joachim Hohmann and Prof. Michael May at IMS in Dinslaken. In this context, data handling was also checked according to the specifications of the new catalog A15 "BIM Data Processing". IMSWARE solved all tasks immediately.

"We are delighted that IMSWARE, with its recently introduced BIM interface, immediately meets all the requirements of BIM's expanded GEFMA 444 certification," says Michael Heinrichs, Managing Director of IMS. "The certification for BIM by the GEFMA examiners shows that we have already today recorded and solved the central tasks in mediation between BIM and CAFM," says Heinrichs.

With the recent recertification according to GEFMA 444, IMSWARE proves the future viability of the software. Already today, users are equipped for the integration of BIM and can transfer data from a building model precisely into their CAFM system. In addition to IFC-based data, proprietary formats can also be integrated in IMSWARE.

"The positive results of the first GEFMA 444: 2018-05 recertification confirms our conviction that the inclusion of the BIM theme in certification, despite some critical voices, was a valid and important step. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that BIM is no longer just a future topic for the FM, but that interfaces to BIM are increasingly demanded by the CAFM users, "adds Prof. Michael May arguments for the new catalog A15 of GEFMA 444.

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