Mobile asset management with the App Asset

With the App Asset you always have your inventory at the right place! The App Asset is a recording tool for existing inventory or already existing assets whose location has to be redefined. This is helpful after a relocation, for example.

iTWO fm App Asset combines mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets with mobile handheld scanners or the built-in camera, into a handy and powerful tool.

iTWO fm App Asset - move to another office

You Want To Move Assets to Another Location and Record It Directly?

Thanks to the App Asset, this is no longer a problem. Since the app supports external barcode scanners, as well as the built-in camera, capturing different rooms and assets becomes a breeze. With the help of the app, you can scan the barcodes of a room and those of the items located in that room and synchronize them with the iTWO fm database. This updates the locations of the scanned objects immediately.

Unlike the App Inventory, this app does not load object data onto the mobile device. This allows an easy and fast location update of any object in iTWO fm. For this purpose, it has a trace button for advanced troubleshooting.

iTWO fm App Asset - Usage - Screen

How do I Use the iTWO fm App Asset?

You pick up the asset or object and take it to the new location or room. Now you scan the room or door sign where the asset should be located in. All data is synchronized directly. If there is no network available at the time, this is no problem at all, as the app also works offline. As soon as the network is available, the data is automatically synchronized.

The unique assignment of barcodes for rooms and objects or assets is a requirement for the App Asset. The location data of the scanned objects can be retrieved with iTWO fm (Web), as well as with iTWO fm (Windows). The connection is made via a (secured) web service. Available for Android and iOS.

Functions and benefits

  •   Easy handling / usability
  •   Usable online and offline
  •   Communication with iTWO fm in real time
  •   Convertible for any types of assets
FM software with iTWO fm

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