Meter reading with the App Energy

The iTWO fm App Energy integrates photographic documentation of meter readings with automatic recognition of text and numbers (OCR) in one app for the Energy management.

The Energy app is an intuitive app for field staff such as caretakers and service providers. With it, mechanical and digital gas, water and electricity meters can be read very easily and correctly via smartphone or tablet, and the meter readings can be documented in a binding manner. This makes the app the ideal supplement for energy management in iTWO fm. It does not matter which meter reading you want to document. Electricity, gas, water and heat meters are recognised regardless of manufacturer and model: mechanical counters, LCD & LCD EDL21 can also be read.

Meter reading with the Energy app

How to use the App Energy ?

On the due date, users receive a list of meters to be read, which they can filter by type, medium or location. The list is also available offline and can be used in areas without an internet or intranet connection. The app users identify the respective meter by keyboard input, voice input or scanning a barcode that was transferred from iTWO fm in advance.

The app compares the meter ID with the list on the smartphone or tablet and opens the dialogue for meter reading collection of the meter in question. In addition, meters that can be read remotely can be excluded from mobile meter reading.

Meter reading with the Energy app

Read meter readings with ease

For the reading process, the user simply points the smartphone or tablet camera at the meter reading. The app automatically recognises the register and the meter number, frames them on the display and transfers the automatically recognised values to the entry dialogue, where they can be checked again. Typing was yesterday.

After confirmation, the meter readings and numbers are transferred to the iTWO fm database and presented to an in-house staff member for a plausibility check. This dual control principle prevents errors and makes it possible to add important information such as meter overflow or meter change, including photo documentation. Once approved, the meter (with the subsequent reading date) reappears in the meter list of the meter reader assigned to it. Available for Android and iOS.

Functions and benefits

  • Easy handling / usability
  • Usable online and offline
  • Communication with iTWO fm in real time
  • Record and photograph meter readings directly on site
  •  Maintenance of the counter properties directly in the app
  •  QR code with service URL for easier registration of new devices
  •   costs through workflow optimisation
FM software with iTWO fm

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