inventory management with the App Inventory

The App Inventory combines mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs into a handy and powerful tool and is the ideal mobile addition for Asset management in iTWO fm.

With the help of the app, inventories and object entries can be recorded mobile on site and directly synchronized with iTWO fm.

Due to its simple handling, anyone can use and manage the app without any problems. The iTWO fm app is available for Android and iOS.

Inventory management with the App Inventory

Optimise your Daily Work with the App Inventory

Thanks to the App Inventory, you always have all data and objects in view. It also prevents objects from being forgotten or scanned twice. This not only saves working time, but also spares your employees' nerves. Predefined workflows and inventory templates in iTWO fm, which can be used again and again, facilitate the workflow.

Thus, you always have your desired template at hand and can also customize it according to your individual needs. The templates are transferred directly to the smartphone. The workflow is subsequently largely automatic.

How are Inventories created with the App Inventory?

Inventories can be created in three steps with the App Inventory. If no inventory exists yet, it can be created very easily. To create an inventory template, some points should be considered. For example, which classes and locations should be referenced or if certain object templates are already needed to record new objects. In addition, it can also be checked who is to carry out the inventory. The workflow is subsequently largely automatic.

App Inventory - Inventory Management - Screenshots iOS

How is an Inventory carried out?

The inventory, including the inventory available at the selected location, is transferred to the corresponding mobile device so that the inventory can be carried out now. There are three different options for recording the inventory. The first alternative is to scan the barcodes or QR codes with a mobile barcode scanner (Bluetooth or USB). The second option is to scan the barcode or QR code with the integrated camera of the mobile device. In addition, the Inventory app can also be used without a barcode scanner. Thus, the app can also be used for walk-throughs for simple data maintenance. The system automatically recognizes rooms based on the barcode and can also distinguish inventory or assets from them. Displays on the device guide the user through the individual steps of each data entry - using predefined templates, new objects can thus be re-recorded and re-evaluated with minimal data entry. This simplifies the acquisition process, saves time and creates more security for consistent data by always following the same procedure.

Once scanning is complete, the App Inventory directly compares the result with the existing inventory:

  1. Reconciliation of the existing inventory
  2. Relocation of existing inventory
  3. New inventory entry including the possibility to select it from comprehensive templates to save time during entry

In addition, the App Inventory clearly shows you at any time which inventory has not been scanned yet. This gives you an overview of the current status of the inventory directly on site. If you don't have internet reception, the App Inventory synchronizes all data on demand when internet is available. This allows you to work offline, no matter where you are.

App Inventory - Inventory management - Screenshot - Man with tablet

How is an Inventory completed?

The recorded inventory is synchronized with iTWO fm after the process is completed. After all results of the inventory have been restored, it is completed in iTWO fm. New inventory is added and changes to data or locations of the existing inventory are applied.

Functions and benefits

  •   Complete overview of all assets of the current inventory
  •   Easy accessibility of the barcode scanner
  •   Manual site selection
  •   Access to photo library to upload existing images
  • Advanced support capabilities through exportable log and database backup
  •   Broad hardware support (smartphone, tablet, external scanners and integrated cameras)
  •   High scalability in inventory composition
  •   Support for diverse object templates to facilitate the addition of new inventory
  •   Offline functionality to be able to check inventory on site
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