Rental Management

Letting is a diverse field of activity that combines a wide variety of requirements: Are the tenants commercial or private? Which tenancy agreements are opted in and with what contents? Are there automatic mechanisms for adjusting rental income? How many rental properties do I have at all and where? And how do I keep track of all this?

With the module rental management, you have everything in view:

Rental properties and their structure. Their tenants with their respective specifics. Your costs. Your yields. Your goals. Because iTWO fm gives you a free hand in the structure and organisation of your dates and provides you with exactly the insights you demand.

Do you want to evaluate by objects? Summarise by location? Organise tenant lists by rent roles? Get an apportionment key at the touch of a button? Or the service charge statement? iTWO fm Rental Management supports you in all rental processes with clear forms and easy-to-use masks.

To make your work easier and improve yields, the Rental Management module has integrated a number of automatisms that you can activate as needed: Deadline tracking and reminders for termination dates, increases according to index increases, staggering or turnover notifications across all contracts, tracking of supplements - here too, iTWO fm adds value to your rental management. And makes your work easier - of course GEFMA 444 certified.

You would like an accurate Listing of the operating cost have and know which item has which value?

Who doesn't know it: creating operating cost statements takes a long time and is very complex. Thanks to iTWO fm you get the Betriebskostenabrechnung directly at the touch of a button - transparent and reliable. Various allocation keys are already taken into account. The statement can then also be sent directly to an ERP system.

Rental management with iTWO fm

With the Determination of vacancies you always have unoccupied objects under control

The vacancy detection lists the unrented spaces or flats as of a specific date or on a daily basis. This means that potential tenants can quickly find and offer possible properties from this list.

In addition, with iTWO fm you can determine which revenues have been lost due to vacancy and forecast which revenues might be lost in the future. In this list, you can also identify properties that have not been let for a long time. This way you always have full control over all income and can plan better for the future in advance.

Facilitate your daily workflow

At the beginning, the tenant finds out where a potential rental unit is available. By determining the vacancy, it is easy to find out which property is empty. If the potential rental unit is accepted, the contract can be concluded. In iTWO fm, all necessary data such as rental payments or ancillary costs can be recorded in the rental management module. In addition, an interface to an ERP system is possible. The rent management module can also be used to see whether a rent adjustment is necessary, such as a rent increase. If a contract is terminated, you can document this in iTWO fm. All processes in iTWO fm are redundancy-free. So you can be sure that no object is rented or settled twice.


You would like to have internal benchmarking operate?

This is also no problem with the rental management module. Key figures such as revenue per m² of floor space or revenue per m² of gross floor space (BGF). Furthermore, it is possible to use rental income and potential rental income as a basis for profitability calculations.

Particularly in combination with the costs for replacement investments (condition management) and maintenance costs existing in iTWO fm (Maintenance management). This makes it possible to generate or derive strategic considerations about the portfolio on a location-specific basis.

Screenshots Rental Management

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