First aid. Always at hand.

An employee wants to report a defective lamp, tenants are annoyed about the dirty lift, a customer wants to schedule a service appointment and IT wants to get a new server cabinet installed - with the module iTWO fm Helpdesk and the HelpDesk app, everyone has a central point of contact for securely submitting requests, tips and messages. Very simple and web-based. Everywhere.

Access first

To enable anyone to report from anywhere, iTWO fm Helpdesk is web-based. Whether on PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, whether Windows, Linux or macOS, whether Android, Blackberry or iOS, the Helpdesk module is available on every platform - simply in the browser, if desired even with a free APP. So everyone can react. Anytime, anywhere, with any device.

HelpDesk 220202 Helpdesk double polygon RIB IMS

Usability first

When something is not as it should be, quick help is needed. The interface of the iTWO fm Helpdesk module and app are designed so that anyone can use them. As a result, defects, tips and requests are reported much faster and more reliably and can also be processed more quickly. The effect: safety and quality increase, the costs sink.

integration first

The Helpdesk module integrates seamlessly into the iTWO fm process management. This means that all messages are recorded centrally, can be planned sensibly, can be easily prioritised, assigned and tracked, and at the same time the reporters can see the progress at any time. This saves queries and accelerates success.

Functions and benefits

  •   Web portal for flexible access
  •   High usability
  •   Extensively customizable
  •   Easy integration in iTWO fm
  •   Easy connection to iTWO fm maintenance
  •   Transparent monitoring for detectors
  •   Clear status display for agents
  •   Revision-proof documentation
  •   Also available as an app
  •   Integration of camera and gallery in the app
  •   Offline function in the app
  •   Easy barcode scanning
  •   GPS integration for location tracking

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