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A while ago, when I was looking for my Schulpraktikum in the first grade, I was between medicine and computer science. Both are interesting, both are very appealing to me, but only one was possible.

I then decided on computer science, because that's what I have a knack for. And there is in Dinslaken with IMS a company that I thought could give me a good insight into how programmes are developed.

Then things turned out differently, because software development is complex and there are other IT tasks too: working with WordPress. It wasn't that interesting at first because I do a lot of things in my free time with WordPress. But here I was allowed to work on the international IMS website and Photoshop was added. It wasn't boring after all.

School internship at IMS in Dinslaken

After a little over a week, I was given another task: writing a test programme based on JavaScript. And even though I am also familiar with JavaScript, the programming was much more demanding.

In total, I only had 14 days to get to know IMS and professional software development. I would have liked to dive deeper, but with so little time it's not easy. My Project definitely gave me a good impression and the internship was able to answer many of my questions.

What I realised very quickly: Everyday life in a company is very different from a day at school. I was surprised how much everything revolves around the work content, which I like. The team works closely together and is very efficient and professional. Nevertheless, the atmosphere seems quite friendly to me, which surprises me a bit considering the size of IMS with over 70 employees.

I could well imagine working alongside school more to work at IMSperhaps as a holiday job. That would be an option.


Best regards

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Contributed by: Robin S.

Robin S. got a taste of IMS as a school intern because he is interested in software development and is very good at computer science at school. The subject also occupies him in his free time, mostly with WordPress and some Javascript.

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