The new Warehouse app makes warehousing mobile

App warehouse warehouse management

We are adding another app to our software: the App warehouse makes warehousing more flexible and supports users with mobile access to all relevant dates directly in the storage area.

With the new Warehouse app, your warehouse management becomes mobile: as a counterpart to the module warehouse management, the app maps relevant processes related to warehouse management and goods traffic directly online. All you need is a smartphone or tablet PC with the Android or iOS operating system.

Among other things, typical warehouse management tasks can be carried out with the Warehouse app. The scope of services includes, among other things, posting goods receipts, managing quantity and individual items, taking inventory of new goods and putting them into storage, transferring, issuing and taking back items.

App warehouse

In addition, it is possible to file delivery notes as photo attachments, generate paperless receipts directly in the terminal and sign them immediately.

The Warehouse app is available in multiple languages and can be used across locations in multiple countries. It also works with existing installations of our solutions.

The app is intended for companies that want to make their warehousing more flexible and further diversify their mobile strategy.

Further information and the product video for the App Warehouse can be found here:

more information about the app

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