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RE Tech (abbreviation for "Real Estate Technology") is a subgroup of PropTechbut more focused on property owners and mostly on their buying and selling processes.

The lack of transparency has led to mistrust among participants in buying and selling processes in the real estate industry. For example, some investors "feel they do not see all the information they need" to make an informed decision about investing in a property or business. One of the main reasons for this problem is poor data quality, which can mislead investors when making investment decisions.

RE Tech is changing the way companies buy and sell properties, invest in real estate and maintain their assets. RE Tech platforms offer property owners in particular the opportunity to make processes more efficient and energy consumption more sustainable.

This is often done in RE Tech projects with the help of the Blockchain. The revolutionary potential of blockchain technology has the ability to transform the real estate industry in a few years. The decentralised ledger of the blockchain can manage all the dates related to a property securely, including digital signatures, contracts and titles. This can make the process of buying and selling real estate much more efficient. All documents can be digitally signed without the need to exchange paperwork, reducing transaction processing time by up to 50 %. Current projects are in the environment of GAIA-X.

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