Lafayette chooses iTWO fm

Lafayette chooses iTWO fm

Luxembourg's Lafayette SA has opted for iTWO fm, formerly IMSWARE as CAFM-software. With the system from Dinslaken, the Luxembourgers are pursuing a three-tier portfolio and technology management, which will be set up in the near future. A consulting firm accompanied the selection of the cloud solution.

The Luxembourg-based asset and property manager Lafayette SA has chosen the CAFM software iTWO fm was chosen. The requirement was for an application from the Cloud, which is associated with Apps (Apple / Android) flanks basic tasks of the Facility management makes it easy to implement and finds a high level of acceptance among employees at all levels.

Lafayette chooses iTWO fm itwo fm new order lafayette RIB IMS

iTWO fm was able to prevail over nine competitors in a three-stage evaluation process. "The high user-friendliness of the system, the adoption of dates from existing different sources and the usability of DWG drawings also convinced us," says Christoph Legendre, Technical Facility Manager at Lafayette, who played a leading role in the introduction.

Lafayette chooses iTWO fm

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In order to find a system that precisely met Lafayette's requirements, the selection of a CAFM software was done in collaboration with a consulting firm. "This collaboration professionalised our selection process and led to a resilient result more quickly," says Legendre.

RIB IMS's CAFM solution is now being implemented, inventory data and DWG drawings are being included. This work is being carried out by RIB IMS as a service provider for Lafayette, so that the system will be productive with 30 properties in the database at the beginning of 2021.


About the Lafayette SA

The Lafayette SA was founded on 26 February 1937. Its corporate purpose is the acquisition of participations as well as their management, control and development. Other activities include the purchase, sale and simple management of real estate, administration as trustee and the development of real estate assets.

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